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Known issue: Access violation errors when a sales analysis report


There have been various reports of Access Violation errors when running reports using the sales analysis designer. Generally, a sequel trace (profiler) would reveal where the report is failing, and it is very common for this to occur due to truncation.




The Sales analysis reports work similar to GL reports in EXO. The report data is first populated in the table X_ER_REPORT. Once the data is populated, the report is generated based on the data.
When an access violation does pop up on running the report:

Check if the report fields being populated in the X_ER_REPORT table match fields across the system. For example, if the STOCK_ITEM.DESCRIPTION has been customised to 100 characters in all tables, the description in X_ER_REPORT must also be customised. This is not limited to descriptions, it could be group names, codes etc. A trace would always reveal the exact sequel statement that is failing, making it simpler to detect the field(s) hence producing this error.

When customising fields in a database, it is important to ensure references to the fields are also customised respectively. It is very easy to forget the X_ER_REPORT table due to the naming convention which then leads to Access violation errors when running Sales analysis reports.
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