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Known issue 8.4: Tax rounding causing an imbalance between the GST report and GST control account

The following issue has been identified and subsequently replicated by MYOB Support in EXO Business version 8.4.

Before upgrading your clients please take into consideration the following issues especially if the site has specific requirements in these areas.

As always we recommend that thorough testing in a non-live environment is undertaken before commencing an upgrade.


Support has confirmed that the tax reports sum the Dr_invlines.linetotal_tax amounts and do not match the GST collected account.

Heart of the issue is the tax rounding amount does not always match the difference between the total of Dr_invlines.linetotal_tax and the Dr_trans.taxtotal. The tax rounding that occurs on the invoice header is being posted to the tax rounding account in GL. This adjustment is not always the same as the sum of the GST on the invoice lines.

The GST report is generated from the lines and therefore you may end up with a small 0.01 or 0.02 cent difference. Over the period of time this can result in an out of balance of a few cents or more.


Manual correction required.


Attached to Problem ticket 12048367470 to be resolved in a future release

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