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Known issue 2015.5: Credited Billing Schedule lines unable to be added to another billing schedule

The following issue has been identified and subsequently replicated by MYOB Support in EXO Business versions 2015.5 onwards.

Before upgrading your clients please take into consideration the following issues especially if the site has specific requirements in these areas.

As always we recommend that thorough testing in a non-live environment is undertaken before commencing an upgrade.


Support have confirmed that in Job Costing if a quote line is added to a Billing Schedule, an invoice generated and then credited off, the quote line will be unable to be added to another Billing Schedule invoice. When users attempt to do so it will generate an error saying that no unmarked lines are available to be added to the Billing Schedule.


The workaround for this issue is to go into the database through SQL Server Manager, select the JOBCOST_LINES table and set the SCHEDULE_SEQNO to 0 for the stock lines that you wish to add to the billing schedule.


Attached to Problem ticket 130128346009 for resolution in a future release.

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