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KI (2021.2+) - Extra Field Events not working (Partially resolved in 2021.3)

Current Status

Extra Field Events work generally, but there is an identified edge case tracked as EXB-6284

The following issue has been identified and subsequently replicated by MYOB Support in Exo Business versions noted below. Note, this issue is PARTIALLY RESOLVED, and Extra Field Events work fully as long as you are aware of the edge case listed below.



BAD VERSIONS - 2021.2/2021.2.1

Extra Field Events do not work in 2021.2.

In the 2021.2 release, Extra Field Events did not work at all. This was addressed in 2021.3. If having problems with field events, make sure you are not on release 2021.2.


REPLICABLE EDGE CASE - Extra Field Event SQL does not fire if there's a gap in field numbering


Workarounds in 2021.3+ for non-working event fields.

Fill in all extra field positions

Because the problem happens due to skipped field numbers, you could assign fields to all numbers, instead of skipping some.

Move events to before the gap.


Attached to Problem ticket EXB-6284 for resolution in a future release.

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