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Error: "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'UPDATE'"

When upgrading to version 2018.4 of MYOB Exo Business, you might get the following error:

*Updating STOCK_TRANS Exponent Values...
An error occurred while running the DBUpdate:
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'UPDATE'*

This error stops the upgrade from completing.

What causes the error?

The error occurs when:

  • Profiles can't be read correctly from the database.
  • The required profiles that define the System Decimal Precision are missing.

To fix the error

Make sure that all profiles are present, and that they have correct profile types.

Even if all profiles to be present, the PROFILETYPE field might be incorrectly set to 0 for all profile types. Because 0 is not a valid profile type, this breaks the database.

You can also work around the error by updating the profile Fields table to correctly include profiles.

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