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Error: "Connection - Invalid Password"

When trying to log in to Exo Business versions 2018.4 or older, you might get an error: "Connection - Invalid Password".

What causes the error?

The error occurs if you used executables (files that end in .exe) to install multiple versions of Exo Business – newer and older than version 2018.4.

Fixing the error

Make sure that you're not entering an incorrect password. If you're certain that your password is correct, you can fix the error by using Command Prompt to re-register the exonetlib.dll file.

To re-register the exonetlib.dll file
  1. On your computer's desktop, click the Windows Start button and type cmd.
  2. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. In the Command Prompt window, type cd\ and press Enter.
  4. Type cd followed by the file path where your old version of Exo is installed. For example, cd This PC > Documents > Exo. Then press Enter.
  5. Type RegSvr32 .\ExoNetLib.dll and press Enter.

    It's important to include the .\ when you type this command. This registers the new DLL version while also keeping the old version registered as the default.

You can avoid getting this error in the future by using a client installer to install Exo Business.

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