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Why can't I log into Exo?


If you can’t log into EXO, and keep getting a pop up saying your EXO application user count limit has been reached, there might be a few reasons why.
In the pop up it shows you the number of licensed users, and the number of users connected. If you have 8 licensed users, 8 people can be logged into that EXO module at the same time. If 9 or more people try to connect at the one time, the pop up will appear saying you have reached your user limit.
You may simply require more application licences to accommodate the number of users who wish to access the EXO database concurrently. If so we can help by providing you with additional licences. There are however a few steps you should follow first to determine why your user limit has been reached.

Exo Business application user count limit reached

Step 1: See who is logged in

Your first step should be to see how many and which users are logged into EXO. It is possible for users to log into EXO twice on the same computer, causing them to be treated as two users, so it is worth checking to see if anyone has logged in twice.

To see who is logged into EXO, go to Help → About


When this screen appears, click on Registration Details

About Exo Business screen from 2020.3

You will then need to click on Currently connected users

The Online Users screen will appear. You can now see how many users are logged in to a particular module.

Click on the arrow next to the computer icons to see who is logged in.

Screenshot from 2020.3 showing 1 user logged in 3 times on the same computer.

The first screenshot shows 1 user logged in 3 times on the computer MYOB2NHDST2 as the Exo Business Admin Account. (Version 2020.3)

Online Users screen in 2019.2 or earlier

The second screenshot shows multiple users at different computers, in this case we've drilled in on Alistair Emery using the computer MS-UB03.

Step 2: Check to see whether users have logged off the server (Terminal Server users)

A common mistake is when connecting via a terminal server is users not logging off correctly. Users click close instead of logging out, which causes EXO and the server to treat them as logged in.

To check whether users are logged in to the terminal server:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + End in a terminal server session,
  2. Go to Task Manager
  3. Click on Users.
  4. If any users are showing as disconnected and were logged into EXO when they disconnected, they would be using an EXO license.

NOTE: Ctrl + Alt + End may not be available, check with your system administrator if that is the case..

Suggestion: Turn on the IDLETIMEOUT profile in Exo Config

Since the release of the 2016.3 version of Exo Business, there has been a profile in Exo Config for managing an automatic timeout for users. Using this profile can help cut down on users consuming licenses accidentally while away from their desk/working on other software.

Full profile details are below:


Profile Level: User

Profile Title: Idle session timeout period in minutes

Profile Description: Users are logged out if they remain active for the entered amount of time entered here (in minutes). If a value of zero is entered, no idle timeout will be applied.

Full description of the IDLETIMEOUT profile from release notes for 2016.3:

This release adds the ability to configure an idle timeout for users, by configuring the new Idle session timeout period in minutes User-level profile setting. If this setting has a value greater than zero, then users will be logged out after a period of inactivity that exceeds the entered value (in minutes).


Because this is a User-level profile setting, you can set different timeouts for different users, or have no timeout for some users.

A warning message appears when the idle timeout has been exceeded:

Session Timeout Example message

The user has 60 seconds to cancel, after which their session is ended and they are logged out of Exo Business. Their database connection is closed, any locks they had on records will be removed, and their licence will be freed up. If they had left any changes unsaved, these changed will be lost.

Some key business processes are exempt from the timeout, including the MYOB Exo Configurator application.

Addon Solution available - Momentum Easy Maintenance

One of MYOB's implementation partners, Momentum Software Solutions, has developed Momentum Easy Maintenance, which amongst other uses can make disconnecting users remotely easy.

For full information, please see the Momentum Easy Maintenance fact page.


Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Business Education Centre.

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