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Understanding the analysis age limit setting

If you have a large database, you might experience slow performance when looking for transactions in a ledger. To keep things snappy, you can use the Analysis age limit setting, which was introduced in Exo Business 2019.1. The Analysis age limit stops old transactions from appearing in ledgers. You can set a different age limit for the debtors, creditors, stock and general ledgers.

For example, if you set your general ledger's Analysis age limit to 6, then transactions older than 6 periods won't appear in your general ledger.

The default age limit is 23. But on smaller databases, you can set a higher age limit without slowing the performance of your ledgers.

To set an analysis age limit
  1. Open the MYOB Exo Configurator.
  2. On the top menu row, click Essential.
  3. Click the Business Essentials menu and choose Current Period.
  4. In the Analysis age limit section, set your desired age limit for each ledger.
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