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Registering and renewing your licence


MYOB Exo Business installations require companies and modules to be registered with licence codes. These licences need to be renewed once a year.

This page applies to clients wanting to renew their MYOB Exo modules. This page will assist in the annual process of entering new Registration Licence Codes, so that you can continue to use Exo Business without interruption.

The renewal process is manual and there's no automatic online method to renew your MYOB Exo software.

The process for renewing your licence:

  1. MYOB sends you an invoice 2 months before the software expires.
  2. You pay the invoice.
  3. Our Business Support team ( emails you your new MYOB Exo Registration Licence Codes.

You can also receive new codes in the following scenarios

When you are:

  • increasing or decreasing your licence count for one or more Exo Business modules.
  • adding a new Exo Business module, such as Job Costing - this requires additional work, please email
  • changing a company's name.
  • adding another company database.

Has your licence already expired?

If your licences have expired, you can't log into MYOB Exo or access Exo Configurator to update licence codes. To overcome this, you can:

  1. Locate and run the ConfigWizard.exe application
  2. In the application, there is a ‘Registration Details’ form for entering the licence codes.

Are you on Exo Version 2017.3 or higher, if so, good news! It's easier to enter licence codes in these versions

  1. In your Exo Business program, go to Help > About.
  2. Check the first line to determine the version number.
    If your version number is 2017.3.0.0 or higher, watch the following video and complete your licence code registration. In preparation for watching the video, open Exo Business, and go to Help > About > Registration

If you have any issues with the instructions in the video, try updating your licence codes using the instructions provided in the rest of this page, as both methods will help update your registration codes.

If you are not on version 2017.3 or higher or having trouble with the ‘drag and drop’ of the codes as outlined in the video above

How to get to Exo Registration page to enter new licence codes.

The MYOB Exo Registration page is located in Exo Configurator (Exocfg.exe).

Option 1 – Access Exo Configurator via Exo Graphical menus.

If your Exo doesn't have the above, check with a higher permissions Exo user and do it on their Exo.

Option 2 – Access Exo Configurator via Exocfg.exe program.

  1. Go to your Exo executable shortcut (often found on your desktop)
  2. Right-click and select Open file location:

    If there is no Open file location option, click Properties instead and find the following location:

    If you’re unable to successfully access the Exo Configurator with either option above, your IT should be able to assist in getting to the area required.

  3. Either option above should get you to the central MYOB Exo folder, where you can then locate Exocfg.exe and run the program:

  4. Make sure to then select the correct Exo Company under Connect to that represents the company you have the registration codes for. If you operate multiple databases, they are licenced separately. Then, log in using your existing Exo username and password.

You will need to repeat the process for each company. This will also relate to old entities that are still referenced and/or test\upgrade\playstation systems.

Entering new Exo Licence Codes

You should be at the following screen now:

  1. Using the licence email provided, double-click into each module above, and enter the new information as per email. i.e., # of users for module, registration key and expiry date.
  2. In your licence email file, the module referenced as MYOB Exo Finance – AU represents Exo Business in your Exo Configurator application. Also the module referenced as MYOB Exo Anywhere – AU represents Exonet Business DCE in your Exo Configurator application.
  3. Click Save when done.
  4. Once saved, If the row goes RED, this means that the module has not been licenced correctly. Check details entered to ensure they are correct, including No. of users and Expiry date.


In newer versions of Exo, you don’t need to update the following modules, as they are encompassed in the Exo Business module licence code:

You will also know the module does not need to be updated by double-clicking on the module and the below prompt will show:

If you cannot see any modules in your licence email file, yet you do in your Exo Configurator, that means you have chosen not to renew the module. It is advised you leave that module alone and do not try to remove it from Exo Configurator.

If you have modules in your Licence email file yet not in Exo Configurator, then please do not load them into the Configurator. To start using new modules, it requires implementation and configuration by

Do you use Exo API?

If so, after you renew your modules, we strongly advise you make a note of the re-issued new Token Keys to your devices and/or developers (3rd Vendor integrations, e.g. EZYCollect) after the expiry date has been passed. Alternatively, to save time, you can test the API integrations to see if they are still functioning after expiry date, if not working, Token Keys have indeed changed

Acquiring new Exo API and/or Exo OntheGo Token Keys (if applicable)

  1. From Exo Business, go to Setup > Setup Staff drop-down menu.
  2. From the above screen, you can at a glance identify the staff linked to either API access.
  3. Open each staff member by double-clicking the row, then click either API tab to see the new Token Key.


If you think the licence email is missing components, or have any queries around licensing, please email or call 0800696239 for assistance.

For any technical assistance regarding the contents of this page and the entry of licence codes, please call Australia: 1300 739 683 New Zealand: 0800 005 936 or email

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