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Images not appearing in stock catalogue (EXO OnTheGo)

The following issue has been identified and replicated in all releases of EXO Business OnTheGo.

Before upgrading your clients please take into consideration the following issues especially if the site has specific requirements in these areas.

As always we recommend that thorough testing in a non-live environment is undertaken before commencing an upgrade.


Images don't display in the stock catalogue in OnTheGo.

Associated Error

Checking the Cloud Provider Service error log gives messages like:

2014-09-10 14:53:32.0028:Provider:30:ERROR:Error processing request on internal HttpServer
EXCEPTION: System.TimeoutException: Internal Server didn't respond in 10 seconds.
at MYOB.CloudRelay.Provider.Provider.<>c__DisplayClass2.<ProcessRequest>b__0(Task`1 t)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
2014-09-10 14:53:32.0198:ProviderConnectionManager:30:ERROR:Error processing request
EXCEPTION: System.TimeoutException: Internal Server didn't respond in 10 seconds.
at MYOB.CloudRelay.Provider.Provider.ProcessRequest(HttpRequestMessage request)
at MYOB.CloudRelay.Provider.Provider.ProcessRequestWrappers(HttpRequestJsonWrapper request)
at MYOB.CloudRelay.Provider.Provider.ProcessRequestSerialized(String request)
at MYOB.CloudRelay.Provider.ProviderConnectionManager.ProcessRequest(String message, CancellationToken token)

What this error indicates

Images can't be retrieved in a timely fashion, and OnTheGo is giving up the retrieval.


To resolve the issue
  1. Examine the Profile IMAGESDIR
  2. Make sure that the location is fully shared for the System Administrator User that is running the Cloud Provider Service.
  3. Make sure that a network drive is not referenced in the path. This should either be a local path, or a direct UNC path to the server (\\SERVER01\IMAGES\) to avoid possible issues with network drive sharing and UAC.
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