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Finding Error Log files for Exo Business

Finding Eureka Log files of Exo Business Errors.

In MYOB Exo Business, whenever an error occurs errors are written to hard disk for review by consultants/IT.

Depending on your version of Exo Business, these will be in one of 2 locations:

Version 2019.2 and Below

In these versions they are found in the same folder where Exo Business is run from.

They will have the extension .ELF

Open File explorer and look in your Exo Business folder:

If you aren't sure where your Exo Business folder is (Because you use a shortcut to open your software) you can right-click on your shortcut, and choose Open File Location

Version 2019.4 and Above

In newer versions of Exo Business, the Log Files have the extension .EL and are stored in your user profile as part of APPDATA.

To find these, you can open File Explorer, and copy the following into your address bar: \%APPDATA%\MYOB\Exo Business\EurekaLog\Bug Reports

Once you press enter, you'll see a listing of folders, 1 for each Exo executable that has had an error while you were using it.

After entering the appropriate folder, you'll see a file named something like exonet.el, like in the below screenshot


Send this file to your consultant if they ask for it, or when you're reporting an error, and they should have a bit of extra information about what exactly happened when you saw an error.

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