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Time Cycle Step Two - Print Daily Attendance Report

Normally you would print a Daily Attendance report for the previous day or the period since you last polled the clock. This report shows you who was there and who wasn't. It also highlights any employee whose clock times were at variance to their roster or whose day was invalid due to not clocking in or out (or not clocking at all) on a day that was rostered.

Running the daily attendance report

Select Step Two from the Time Cycle.

  1. Choose the Sort Order for the report e.g. by Department, Employee Code or Employee Alpha.

  2. Select the Date range that you want to print for.

  3. If you want to print all Employees and Departments leave these field blank. For a selected Employee or Dept. enter their number in the Start and Finish fields.

  4. Click Report Options to select extra options for the report.

  5. Select an output destination and click Print or Preview to generate the report.

Reviewing the Daily Attendance Report

When Exo Time and Attendance processes Employee times after Polling, it will automatically round the times, anchor the times, calculate the hours and overtime and deduct the meal breaks, as set up in the Rule Groups earlier. In some situations an Employee may have forgotten to clock in or out, not clocked at all or may have clocked at a time which you wish to change. These anomalies are highlighted on your Daily Attendance report by specific headings that appear on the report. In particular you should be looking for the following descriptions against an Employees times:

  • Invalid - This occurs when an employee has been rostered to work and does not clock in or out. When an employee has an uneven number of clockings i.e. clocked in or out only. And finally when you are using the clock for Job costing and the employee has entered an Invalid Job number at the clock.

  • Variance - This means a clocked time is more than a set number of minutes outside the rostered times i.e. clocked in more than 10 minutes early. You should also check for other times that look unusual.

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