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Time and Attendance Cost Centres

This is where you enter any Cost Centre numbers & descriptions of these Cost Centre numbers. You may also attach General ledger codes to these Cost Centres if the Use General Ledger option is enabled in MYOB Exo Payroll. The Cost Centres that you create must match the structure you created in the Cost Centre Structure section during Step One.

NOTE: The Cost Centre masterfile is shared with MYOB Exo Payroll. Any changes made in Exo Time and Attendance will affect Exo Payroll and vice versa.

Select Cost Centres from the Maintenance menu and the following window appears:

Click the Add button to continue.

Code Type in the code you wish for this cost centre up to 12 digits (999999999999) in length. Remember to follow the structure that you created in the Setup Exo Time and Attendance screen.

Name Type in the name you wish to call this cost centre up to 20 characters in length.

Cost Centre Analysis This will appear automatically on the screen showing you the breakdown of the code you have just entered according to the structure you have created. This is where you can see if the cost centre number or structure needs altering.

General Ledger If the Use General Ledger Analysis option has been turned on in MYOB Exo Payroll, a General Ledger code must be allocated to each Cost Centre. Enter the General Ledger code to attach to this Cost Centre. If the code you entered does not exist, you will be prompted to create a new code.

WorkCover Levy Rate If you are using your Cost Centres for job costing, or cost allocation, your employees may work in different areas or working environments. These areas may have different WorkCover Levies associated with them. Whenever an employee's time is allocated to this cost centre, the system can calculate the associated WorkCover Levies. To make use of this functionality, enter the rate at which the WorkCover Levy should be calculated for time costed to this cost centre.

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