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The Exo Timesheet Menus

The following menus are available in the main Exo Timesheet interface:

File Menu

Menu ItemDescription


This screen holds the names and contact details for your employees.

Change Company

Closes down the Remote TimeSheet and brings up the login screen.


Closes down the Remote Data Entry system.

Edit Menu

Menu ItemDescription


Cancel the last operation and revert back to the previous status.


Reapply the last operation at the current cursor position.


Move the currently selected text into the Windows clipboard.


Copy the currently selected text into the Windows clipboard.


Copy the contents of the Windows clipboard to the cursor position.


Delete the contents of the entire field, at the cursor position.

Select All

Select the contents of the entire field, at the cursor position.

Timesheet Menu

Menu ItemDescription

Standard Timesheet

Set up a template of the employee's expected times according to their current roster.

Current Timesheet

Adjust the times brought through from the standard timesheet where necessary, adding allowances, deductions and leave.

Get Data from Head Office

Import the Site File (employee masterfiles and company setup rules) from Head Office.

Update Current TimeSheet

Exports the pay file to either Head Office or Time and Attendance, and then closes the current batch, in preparation for a new batch to be created, at a later date, for the next pay period. If you are not directly connected to the Head Office through a network, you can attach the pay file to an e-mail and send it to the pay clerk via the Internet.

Import from TxTime

Employee hours can be imported into the current timesheet by way of a TxTime import file. TxTime gathers input from individual SMS text messages and provides an interface to comparable TimeSheet and Payroll applications.

Maintenance Menu

Menu ItemDescription


Allowances that can be paid to Payroll employees.


Deductions that can be taken out of a Payroll employee's pay.

Cost Centres

Codes assigned to payment amounts in order to track expenditure.

Pay Rate Types

A multiplier, used to pay overtime etc.

Reports Menu

Menu ItemDescription

Print Reports

Generate a report to screen or printer.

Utilities Menu

Menu ItemDescription


Allows you to back up your data at any time to either a floppy disk or your hard drive.


Used when you need to restore a backup due to hardware failure or corruption.

File Reindex

This is a repair utility.

Setup EXO Timesheet

Specify where masterfile are imported from, and where pays are exported to, plus rules ordinary and overtime treatment .

User Security

This screen holds user names and passwords.

Backup Options

Setup options for performing data backups.

Help Menu

Menu ItemDescription


Activate the on-line version of this document.

Online Knowledgebase

Opens the MYOB Enterprise Solutions online knowledgebase in a web browser.

Timesheet Setup Cycle

Show the sequence for setting up Exo Timesheet.

Timesheet Cycle

Shows the sequence for paying employees via Exo Timesheet.


Shows the current version number and contact details.

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