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The Exo Employee Information Toolbar

The following icons are available in the toolbar of the main Exo Employee Information interface:




New Employee

Add an employee to Exo Employee Information. If you have an integrated system (Exo Payroll and Exo Employee Information) all new employees must be added through Exo Payroll.


Edit Employee

Access existing Exo Employee Information employees and related items for the purpose of editing/reviewing.

Employee Notes

Opens the selected employee's personnel notes. This window can also be accessed via the F12 key.


Access to centralised database of employees training records

Performance Review

Access to centralised database of employees Performance Review records

Disciplinary Action

Access to centralised database of employees Disciplinary Action


Access to centralised database of employees Skills

Tasks & Duties

Access to centralised database of employees Tasks and Duties

Print Reports

Opens the list of available reports.



This provides you with extensive Help relating to the setting up and the running of your Health and Safety. Help can also be accessed anywhere in the program by pressing F1.


This is a facility to archive a copy of your data files, in the case of needing to Restore/Rollback to them at some point.


Provides quick access to the Maintenance Form – a central access point for your Exo Employee Information-related masterfiles.


Opens the Diary, which is a form of a daily planner, giving you a place to enter comments on any given day, for Payroll company-related tasks, appointments and reminders.

Show Items

Opens a window showing all available toolbar icons, where you can choose which icons to display and which to hide.



Closes the application and returns to Windows.

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