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STP - Update using Previous BMS or Employee ID

In some cases, it may be necessary to update employees' STP data after their employee ID code has changed or after the business management system (BMS) used to manage them has changed. These cases include:

  • If an employee is rehired under a new employee code.
  • If an employer changes payroll systems and assigns new employee codes in new system.
  • If an employer moves employees from one database location to another, where the same system is still used but employee codes change.
  • If an employer needs to change existing employee payroll IDs for other reasons.

To update employees in these cases, select Single Touch Payroll > Update using Previous BMS/Employee ID from the Pay menu. This opens the following window:

If employees are moving from a previous BMS, enter the BMS ID into the Previous BMS ID field.

You will need to consult the previous BMS to find out its ID. In Exo Payroll, your current BMS ID is displayed on the Single Touch Payroll Setup tab of the Setup Payroll window.

For employees who previously had a different ID, enter it in the Previous Employee ID column.

If your company is moving to another payroll system during the financial year, you must zero the STP year-to-date totals for all employees in Exo Payroll, to ensure that the same data is not submitted twice. To reset employees' year-to-date totals to zero, tick Send Year To Date values as Zero.

Tick the boxes for the employees to update (or tick Select All), then click Send to ATO to update the STP data for all selected employees.

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