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Step 8 - Load Year To Date Totals

If you have purchased MYOB Exo Payroll part way through the Tax Year, it may be useful to be able to load each employee's Tax Year to Date information. To enter this information, follow the steps below. Remember that you should have entered some minimal details for employees who have worked for you during the Current Tax Year but who have now terminated. That way you will be able to match your existing Company Year to Date figures.

From your existing Exo Payrollrecords, calculate each employee's Year to Date Taxable Gross, PAYG, HELP repayments up to the last pay period prior to your starting to run Pays on Exo Payroll. Note that the PAYG amount entered here should be inclusive of HELP, for the purposes of year-to-date loading. Select Step Eight from the Payroll Setup Cycle to start the YTD Load wizard:

  1. Select the default Leave Groups for employees affected by the YTD Load operation.

  2. Click Save and the main YTD Load window appears:

  3. Enter the Physical Payment Date - this represents the day on which the employee(s) receives the payment. This date must be in the past. Click the

    button to open a calendar control for selecting the date.

  4. Enter the Pay Period End Date. This must be dated accurately for the payment to fall into the correct pay period and fiscal year. Click the

    button to open a calendar control for selecting the date.

  5. Enter the Employee Code of the first employee that you want to load totals for and press enter. If you do not know the employee's code, click Find or press F9 for a list of employees.

  6. Enter amounts in the Value column for each pay item that you want to load totals for.

  7. To enter details for a new employee, enter a new Employee Code, or use the Find button to find the new employee. You can use the Prev and Next buttons to move between the employees you have entered details for.

  8. Once values for all employees have been entered, click Load to load the values into the system. You are required to back up the system first. After loading the values, you can view and/or print a report on the values loaded.

  9. Click Exit to close the YTD Load wizard.

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