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Report Selection

From the Reports menu select Report Writer, the Report Selection screen will appear:

Reports are categories into Views. The first view in the report list is the Employees View, as you can see, there are four employee-related reports. At this point you could create custom versions of these reports or create completely new employee-based reports.

Select A Report Category

Click on this list box to get a list of HR categories. Broadly speaking, the categories covers three types of information:

Critical data about the candidate/employee, e.g. employee code, contact details.

  • Candidates
  • Employees

Preset HR rules and procedures for your company, as defined in the Maintenance menu of Exo Employee Information:

  • Career Planning
  • Exit Interview
  • Induction
  • Performance Review
  • Positions
  • Skills
  • Tasks/Duties
  • Training
  • Training Providers

Optional Data about the Employee's HR Activity, which is drawn from the Exo Employee Information rules and procedures and then tailored to the specific employee.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Discipline
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Employee Induction
  • Employee Leave History
  • Employee Notes
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Employee Qualifications
  • Employee Remuneration
  • Employee Remuneration and Benefits
  • Employee Skills
  • Employee Tasks/Duties
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Work History
  • Employee Primary User-Defined Data
  • Employee Secondary User-Defined Data

Print Print the currently highlighted report

Add Create a new report

Edit Edit an existing report

Copy Save an existing report to a new name, to create a new report based on a report that you have already written.

Rename Change the name of an existing report, as it appears in the report list.

Delete Remove the currently selected report from the report list.

Exit Exit back to Exo Employee Information.

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