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New Requests


The New Requests task is where you can see the new leave requests which have been downloaded from the website, and are awaiting import into the Current Pay.

Available Open Pays

The Current Pay has to be open, in order for leave to be imported into it. Generally, this screen will load with the correct Open Pay period already selected. The exception to this is if you run concurrent Current pays with different pay frequencies. If that is the case, you will need to strictly follow the correct sequence of events. For example, if you pay weekly waged employees and monthly salaried employees, you will need to select the appropriate frequency, perform the import, then select the next applicable frequency, and perform the import for that Current Pay.

Leave Requests

A list of permanent and casual employees, who have a paid on matching pay frequency, as set in Payroll in their Open Employee screen, and who have approved leave requests that are awaiting import, will appear in the left hand window. You can navigate to each employee by clicking on the appropriate grid line or by using the up and down arrow keys.

Requested Days

Each day for which there is a related leave request will appear in the right hand window. Click on each line in the grid at left, in order to see that employee's requested days in the right hand window. Note that when the row that is highlighted at left changes, the window at right will refresh to display the days for the newly selected employee.


Days which fall within the currently selected pay period will automatically be ticked by the system. This is sufficient behaviour for most payroll operations.

Days which fall before the currently selected pay period will automatically be unticked by the system. Take care when ticking such days - look at the prior pay periods' Pay Sheets, and determine what you did actually pay the employee for that day - you will want to avoid paying the same employee for the same day twice.

Days which fall after the currently selected pay period will automatically be unticked by the system. Take care when ticking such days, especially in a vacation situation. An employee may elect to take a vacation that involves several weeks of leave. During the time that he or she is away, the employee may express a desire to have all the leave paid at once, to cover for travel expenses. You may elect to tick such days, but it is advisable that you make reminder notes for any days of unpaid leave, plus what the employee should be paid in the forthcoming absent weeks, plus what the employee should be paid on the first week back.

You will also need to ensure that should a public holiday pay fall on a day that would otherwise be a working day, that the employee is paid public holiday leave and not holiday pay for that day, and that the total paid holiday is extended by a day. Any days which fall into the next pay period and not the current pay period, will be automatically ticked when the Open Current Pay is updated and the next Current Pay is created.

Click the All button to confirm all Approved and Downloaded leave for import into the Current Pay. You may want to arrow down through all of the employees individually, acknowledging the days at right, and then click on the All button, rather than selecting all of the days for all of the employees individually.

Click None to clear all selections.

Click Import Selected to import the selected leave transactions into the current pay - the results can be tracked on the Leave Paid report.

Clicking Exit returns you to the Management Console.

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