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Introduction to MYOB MyStaffInfo

MYOB MyStaffInfo is an add-on to the MYOB Exo Employer Services suite. Once installed, it appears under the Pay menu in MYOB Exo Payroll.

Its primary functions are to:

  • Assign groups of employees to managers, thereby allowing managers to review activity that is specific to their assigned employees on the website

  • Select employees for inclusion onto the MyStaffInfo website

  • Select managers for inclusion onto the MyStaffInfo website

  • Set security restrictions for each login

  • Setup documents for upload to the website

  • Setup Timesheet Batches for use on the website

  • Retrieve timesheet transactions from the website and import them into the Current Pay

Using the Online Help

MYOB MyStaffInfo includes full online Help. Information is organised in the Table of Contents under the following sections:

  • Management Console - Information on using the Management Console interface to the MyStaffInfo system.

  • Website - Information on using the MyStaffInfo website.

You can also use the Index or Search tabs to search the online help for specific topics or terms.

Press F1 at any time to open the online help.

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