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Introduction to MYOB Exo Remote

MYOB's range of Remote Data products have been designed for those users who have MYOB Exo Payroll and would like to increase the speed of their data entry for week to week payroll processing by having remote branches or departments key their own Timesheets. In effect, this decreases the workload of the payroll clerk.

You can process pays from one central location (the head office) based on pay details sent electronically from the company's branches' Remote Timesheets. The operator at the Remote branch sends a file either via modem or disk to the Pay office, which can be imported into the Current Pay.

Our total focus in developing this new product was to provide users with a fast data entry screen that allows them to enter employee hours, allowances and leave transactions at a branch level.

This system is also ideal for any of users who want to capture Job Costing information and can also be used by accountants who want to run a bureau where the client handles the capturing of the raw data.

MYOB Exo Remote consists of two modules:

  • Exo Remote

  • Exo Remote Timesheet

Exo Remote

Exo Remote is an add-on to MYOB Exo Payroll, and once installed, appears on the Pay menu. Exo Remote provides a way of separating employees into groups in order to share employee data between one or more timesheets. This "site file" is matched up with the remote timesheet, for data entry purposes.

Exo Remote Timesheet

After Exo Remote has been set up, the Exo Remote Timesheet module is installed for branches that are intending to send times to the head payroll office for processing. It provides an interface to enter the wages, allowances and leave.

Feature Summary

Remote Data Entry products provide a broad set of features:

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Ability to set up pays in advance by means of a wages template.

  • Import files from different sites for the same pay simultaneously.

  • Full-featured reporting.

  • Multiple pay frequencies at each site.

  • Unlimited number of templates.

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