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Introduction to MYOB Exo PC Clock

MYOB Exo PC Clock is a PC-based version of our timeclock, designed for use with the MYOB Exo Time and Attendance system. Usually Exo Time and Attendance gets its data from wall-mounted clocks or from datapens, but Exo PC Clock allows the gathering of attendance and/or job costing information without the need to purchase extra hardware.

It has many of the same functions as our physical timeclocks, although there are some advantages available to it as it has the ability to link into information from MYOB Exo Payroll and MYOB Exo Time and Attendance, either directly or over a network.

There are two versions of this software: a "Server-based" or direct-connect version; and a "Standalone" version.

The features of each are as follows:


This connects over a network to a central location where the MYOB system is installed. It has the advantage of being able to directly access Exo Payroll and Exo Time and Attendance information, or even that from other Exo PC Clocks installed on the same network. It updates costing and employee information automatically, however it requires a constant connection to the Exo Payroll data (for example over a network). If a network is available, this version is recommended.


The standalone version requires manual updating, however the clocks do not have to have any connection to the data at all. If the computers are not able to be linked, this version is required - it will simply send an update file to the clock from Exo Payroll, which is imported into the Clock, and then when times are to be brought back in, it sends a file back again. These files can be copied or even e-mailed if necessary, meaning that clocks for the same company could be on opposite sides of the city, or even in a completely different city.

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