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Import from TxTime

The hours that employees work can optionally be imported into the current Timesheet by way of a TxTime import file. This import is reliant on a specific configuration of Timesheet, as specified in the Timesheet Setup screen - the Timesheet Entry mode must be set to "One Page per Day" and entering "Hours Only".

TxTime gathers input from individual SMS text messages and provides an interface to comparable Timesheet and Payroll applications. From the Timesheet menu, select Import from TxTime. The following window appears:

Please select the times file to import into Timesheet Click on the lookup [...] button, in order to select a time transaction (TIMETRAN.DBF) file. If you are not sure how to create the time transaction from TxTime in the first instance, please consult your TxTime product manual.

Pay Frequency Only Timesheets which are currently open, and that are of the correct pay frequency should be selected here. Take care to ensure that before an import, there are no hours belonging to previous pay periods - which could result in unwanted duplication of data.

Once you have made your selections, click the Import button to proceed. A confirmation message indicates a successful import operation.

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