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Function Keys and Navigation

F1 Help

F2 Maintenance

F3 Change order

F4 Add a record

F5 Edit a record

F6 Delete a record

F7 Go to the previous record

F8 Go to the next record

F9 Search for a record/Print a report

F10 Save & Exit

F11 Opens the About window

F12 Displays employees' Notes


Page Up/Down Switches page tabs

<- -> Moves up and down picklists

Spacebar Opens combo boxes

HOME Skips to the start of field

END Skips to the end of the field

TAB Skips to the next field

SHIFT+TAB Skips to the previous field

CTRL + D Activates the Diary.

CTRL + L Activates the standard Calculator.

CTRL + H Activates the Hide screen.

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