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Exo Timesheet Login Screen

To start the TimeSheet Site, simply double click on the TimeSheet icon on the Windows desktop, or select it from your Windows programs menu.

This screen is encountered when entering the TimeSheet Site system, and allows access only to valid users who have been setup in the User Security section, at Head Office.

User Code This is a code assigned to the user at head office.

Password This is the password assigned to the user code above. Entry to the system will only be given if the password is correct. The password is hidden from view at this stage.

Support This area is for use by Support only and has a separate password entry.

Exit Pressing this button or using the ESC function key will exit the TimeSheet system.

To log in to a Company you can either press enter on the highlighted company or double-click on it with your mouse. You will go through the Password Security Screen without needing to do anything as no password has been set up at this stage.

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