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Exo Timesheet Employee Maintenance

From the File menu, select Employees. Choose an employee on the Select Employee window and click Select.

Code This is a unique numeric code, assigned to the current employee only. As each employee is added, this code increments.

Surname The Employee's family name.

First Names The Employee's first name(s).

Alpha Code This is a unique alphanumeric code usually derived from the surname and assigned to the current employee only.

Address The Employee's address line 1 will be displayed here.

Suburb The Employee's address line 2 will be displayed here.

City The Employee's city of address will be displayed here.

Phone Employees phone number.

Occupation The employee's role within the company.

TFN Number The Employee's unique Tax File Number.

Pay Frequency The Employee's pay frequency.

Sex The employee's gender.

Start Date The date on which the employee commenced work with your company.

Time and Attendance Employee Times that are entered against EXO Time and Attendance employees will not be captured directly into payroll. They will instead be captured into the EXO Time and Attendance system, which has the ability to apply many advanced operations, such as the rounding and anchoring of start and finish times, and comparison with rostered times. The fully processed times will in turn be posted from EXO Time and Attendance to Exo Payroll.

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