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Exo Timesheet Allowance Maintenance

From the Maintenance menu, select Allowances, then select an allowance from the list that appears.

Code This is the unique code assigned to this allowance.

Name This is the name of the currently selected allowance.

Taxable vs Non Taxable Taxable allowances are allowances that are liable for income tax (PAYE). Non taxable allowances are full exempt from income tax.

Calculation Method This is how the allowance is calculated and can be one of:

  • Fixed Dollar Amount
  • Percentage of Wage and Salary
  • Total Hours
  • Equivalent Hours
  • Specific Hours
  • Rated Units
  • Hourly Rate
  • Percentage of Total Gross

Rate This is the dollar amount per unit of the allowance to pay.

Pay Rate Type This is the pay rate assigned to this allowance.

Maximum Number This controls the maximum number of units of an allowance that can be paid to an employee in the current batch.

Wage Rate Code This is the employees' multiple hourly wage rate code that is assigned to this allowance.

Type This setting dictates the type of allowance this is. The type can be one of: Normal, Reimbursement, Withholding Payment and Extra Emolument.

Cost Centre This is the Cost Centre the allowance will be costed to.

Override Tax Rate This lets a user tax an allowance at a different rate to the employees normal tax rate.

Add to Gross for Holiday Pay Sets whether this allowance contributes to the employee's gross pay that is liable for holiday pay calculations.

Add to Gross for Super Sets whether this allowance contributes to an employee's gross pay that is liable for Superannuation contributions.

Add Earner Levy Sets whether this allowance contributes to the employee's gross pay that is liable for earner levy.

Not liable for ACC Marks whether this allowance is liable for the ACC employer premium or not.

Can Modify Name Allows a user to modify the name of the allowance when paying it to an employee.

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