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Document Templates

MYOB Exo Employee Information includes a word processing function that can be used to create documents to attach to Employees or Candidates. You can set up document templates to use as a basis for common types of documents.

Select Document Templates from the Documents menu. A list of templates is displayed. Click Add to create a new template, or select an existing template and click Edit to edit it.

Document templates, like documents, are edited using the built-in word processing interface.

The word-processing interface in Exo Employee Information uses the RTF (Rich Text Format) standard. This means that plain text can be bolded, italicized, underlined and coloured, and text can be centred or right-aligned. The formatting functions are controlled by the toolbar buttons and the options in Format menu.

Once you have entered your document text, click the Save button then the Exit button. You will then be prompted to enter a name and description for the template:

Enter the name and a description for the document (for later reference), then click the Save button. Your template now appears in the Templates window.

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