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Discrepancies Report

This report is used to display any unusual happenings that occur, and to track what has been done with the clock. PC Clock has several behind-the-scenes security and tamper-proofing features, which are usually not seen except in this report. It is worth checking this fairly frequently, especially if there are unusual or suspect clockings.

The report screen itself is very similar to the Clockings Report, however it has a few less features available (such as no "Order by" options) as they are not needed for this report.

The report itself records the following discrepancies (in approximate order of severity):


PC Clock has internal checks to determine if the system time is changed while the program is running. If the time gets changed without any sensible reason (such as the computer had the wrong time), it can suggest that employees are tampering with the system and trying to enter clockings for times other than the real time.


The time checking file had to be recreated. This can sometimes also mean that the time has been tampered with, but as the system has had it's check file deleted it is unable to tell, though it has automatically recreated the check file.


The discrepancy log file (which this report shows) had to be recreated. If this ever happens other than when the system is first installed, then there has been a problem, however the record of this has been lost.


The data table had to be recreated. The data table is what stores all of the current clockings, so if it is deleted, all the times stored since the last posting will have been lost. If that happens, it may be worthwhile checking the computer or the network for unexpected copies of PCCLOCK.DBF files - especially if it is accompanied by a "DATAPATH" entry.


The setup table had to be recreated. If this ever appears, then it will mean you will have to check the setup screen to ensure that settings and the paths are all correct.


A datapath for that clock was established for the first time. This is probably fine, however it is recorded as this would not normally happen except for after the first installation of the software.


Data was altered manually in the supervisor screen. This is a harmless situation if the supervisor password is unknown to employees, however ensure that there is a reason for any time when this is done (if it is just an incorrect cost centre or such that is okay. Look mainly for changes to the time or the date).


Data was added manually in the supervisor screen. Again, this should be fine, but do check why this was done and by who.


Data was posted to Time and Attendance. This is just so that you can check when postings were done.

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