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Contact Details

This tab displays data from your MYOB Exo Payroll software. The information is for employee identification, such as contact telephone numbers, e-mail and address details. Tax code information is read-only.

Field Definitions

The form fields are detailed in the table below:




The group selector will only be visible for employees who are also marked as Managers. The default group is named <My Details>. This particular group is not a true employee group - it is merely a placeholder for managers to access their own timesheets without having to first select the employee group to which they themselves belong.

In the situation of the Manager being responsible for more than one employee group, it is important that the correct group is selected from the list box, so that in turn, the appropriate set of employees in that group are accessible to match transactions against. Take care to ensure that each group is activated in succession – if you miss the selection of a group, you will also have missed out all of the employees belonging to that group.


This is the full name of the currently highlighted member of staff, and indicates to the Manager that the timesheet being reviewed is for one of their subordinates.

General Information

This is employee-specific information that can be read on MyStaffInfo. This information cannot be altered in MyStaffInfo and must be changed in MYOB Exo Payroll.


This employee's last name.

First Names

The employee's first and middle names.

Alpha Code

This is the alpha code from Exo Payroll.

Birth Date

The employee's date of birth.

Tax Information

This is employee-specific income tax information that can be viewed from the MyStaffInfo website. This information cannot be altered in MyStaffInfo and must be changed in MYOB Exo Payroll.

Pay Frequency

This indicates how often the employee is paid, and therefore taxed.

TFN Number

The employee's unique Tax File Number as provided by the Australian Taxation Office for PAYE tracking purposes.

Tax Scale

This is the employee's tax rate from Exo Payroll.

Start Date

The date at which this employee commenced their current term of employment with the company.

Personal Information

This information can be maintained and updated via the website.

Payslip Name

When printing a payslip, MYOB Exo Payroll will print the employee's surname, followed by the employee's first name(s). If you wish a different name to appear on the payslip, enter this here. It is recommended to incorporate a surname.


Enter the street name and number, pertaining to the employee's residential address.


Enter the employee's suburb of residence.


Enter the employee's city or town of residence.

Post Code

Enter the postal code, pertaining to the employee's residential address.


Enter the employee's contact telephone number.


This is the number of the employee's cellular telephone, i.e. mobile phone.


This is the employee's email address. This is also the employee's primary login to the MyStaffInfo website.

Banking Information

The employee bank account number is entered and updated here for salary purposes.

Account Number

Enter the bank account number here in the format specified. This is the bank account number where their pay will be deposited / transferred.

User-Defined Information

These are extra pieces of information that can be recorded against an employee.


This is a Logical field, meaning that ticked = True, unticked = False.


This is a character field, meaning that it stores a string of text.

Updating Information

If you make a change in the Contact Details screen, click the Update button in the relevant section to update the MyStaffInfo Head Office and Exo Payroll records permanently.

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