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2022.04 release notes - AU

The 2022.04 release fixes a problem with the 2022.03 Australia update that caused the payer total gross field on STP submissions to incorrectly show as zero.

Manual correction required If you have submitted any STP information to the ATO since updating to 2022.03, you will need to correct your submissions directly with the ATO. Read on for more information.

Resolved issues

In 2022.03, STP submissions were populating $0 for the GrossPayments field in the Payer details section of the submission. This issue only impacts the Payer total gross payments field – the Payer TaxWithheld field (the PAYG withholding) and other payer information are still correct. All employee amounts are lodged correctly.

This issue has been resolved in 2022.04 for all future STP submissions, however you will need to correct the historical STP submissions that were lodged in 2022.03.


Pre-install requirements

Requirements for PCs running Exo Employer Services components are detailed on the Minimum System Requirements page.

Installing Exo Employer Services

Information on installing and upgrading MYOB Exo Employer Services is maintained on the MYOB Enterprise Knowledgebase. See the following articles:

Check the release

To check that this release installed successfully, check that the versions displayed on the About window (Help menu > About) match the versions listed here:

MYOB Exo Employer Services2022.04
MYOB Exo Payroll2022.04
MYOB Exo Employee Information2022.04
MYOB Exo Time and Attendance2022.04
Runtime Files09.00.0000.7423

Fixing incorrect submissions

All STP submissions after updating to 2022.03 are affected. To resolve the problem you need to do three things:

  1. Upgrade to 2022.04.
  2. Check which submissions are incorrect by logging into the ATO Business Portal and looking for those with $0 for Payer Total Gross Payments.
  3. Fix the incorrect submissions by adjusting the figures.
Adjusting the incorrect Payer Total Gross Payments figures

Fix the incorrect Payer Total Gross Payments figures by filing an adjustment with the ATO.

For small and medium withholders need to adjust the BAS for the period:

  • If you haven't lodged your BAS for that period yet, include the incorrect amounts in the figures you enter in the W1 and W2 BAS labels. If your BAS is pre-filled using STP data, adjust the figures to include the missing amounts.
  • If the incorrect figures were in a BAS period that you've already lodged, you will need to correct them with the ATO. For more information, see the ATO articles on When to pay and report on activity statements and Revising an earlier activity statement.

Large withholders The ATO advises larger withholders to make this correction following existing business processes. If you are unsure what this means for your business, contact the ATO for more information.

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