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Using the Pay from Roster feature

As an employer, you have an option to pay your staff according to the rostered schedule so that clocking records doesn't affect how a person gets paid. Staff are paid exactly as per schedule in this case clocking entries are shown for information purposes only.

Activating Pay From Roster

To activate the Pay From Schedule feature, go to Settings > Company Settings. Under the Features section tick Pay according to rostered schedule, then save.

How to Pay from the Roster

Go to the Manage Time page - a Pay from roster button is available at the top right of the page.

Click this button and timesheets will be created for all employees with published shifts.

Timesheets are added only for the location, date and grouping options that are currently selected.

To use the pay from roster function for a single employee, group the Manage Time screen by employee, then select Pay from schedule from an employee's dropdown:



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