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Using the Document Library

You can use the Document Library to upload and organise files, and send them to employees, optionally requesting a signature.

Go to the Document Library by selecting Management > Documents from your dashboard.

Managing document folders

You can set up folders to organise your documents into. Folders can contain documents or more folders, so you can set up a multi-level structure of folders if you want to.

To create a new folder, click the New Folder button at the top right.

On the panel that appears, enter the folder's name on the red dotted line, select where in the folder structure it should be created, and click Save.

Existing folders can be moved to a different part of the folder structure or deleted. To do either of these things, select the folder, then click the More button at the top of the page.

Deleting a folder deletes all documents in the folder. If you want to keep any of the documents, move them out of the folder before deleting it.


  • To move the folder to a different location, select the new location from the To: dropdown, then click Move.
  • To delete the folder and all documents in it, click Delete folder. You are asked to confirm the deletion - if you are sure, click Yes, delete.

Managing documents

To upload a new document to the library, click the Upload File button at the top right.

You can drag either click Browse files to select the document to add from a standard file window, or drag a document file from another window onto the web browser window.

You must add documents one at a time.

New documents are added in the Home folder - to move a document into a different folder, select the document, then click the More button at the top of the page.

Select the new location from the To: dropdown, then click Move.

You can also delete a document from this panel - click Delete file. You are asked to confirm the deletion - if you are sure, click Yes, delete.

To download a copy of a file, select the file and click the Download button at the top of the page.

Managing document access

As a Manager you can set document access levels, so that only employees with the specified permission level will be able to access a document.

When a document is first uploaded, it is accessible only to the person who uploaded it. To change a document's accessibility, click on the document, then the More button at the top of the page.

Under Accessible By, click the + button to add an accessibility rule. You can select the people and/or locations that the document will be accessible to from the dropdowns here - the dropdowns default to "Everyone" in "All Locations".

You can click the + button again if you need to add multiple rules to cover all of the people who should be able to access the document. Once you are done, click Save.

Sending documents to employees

You can send any of the documents in your library to employees. To send a document, select it and click the Send button at the top of the page.

On the panel that appears, enter the employee(s) who you want to send the document to into the To: field.

If you want employees to acknowledge that they have read the document and signed it, tick the Request Signed Acknowledgement check box.

When you have entered all recipients, click Send.

Documents that have been sent to an employee will appear in their Document Library on the web portal, and on the Documents and payslips.

Signing documents

If you requested that a sent document be signed by the recipient(s), they can do this from their Document Library - see How do I view and sign a document? for more information.

You can use the Documents Signed Off Report to see which documents have been sent to which employees, and whether or not they have been signed yet.

You can sign any document in your library by selecting it and clicking the Sign button at the top of the page.



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