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Using Smart Roster

As a manager, you can automatically roster unassigned shifts in a roster view to employees based on the rules, if your business has the Smart Roster feature turned on. This setting can be found in the Company Settings section.

As a precondition for using Smart Roster, there should be existing unassigned shifts in the schedule you would like to populate.

Smart Rostering Steps

Make sure the roster view you’re trying to Smart Roster has existing unassigned shifts otherwise, the system will throw an error message “There are no unassigned shifts that need to be filled.”

Smart Roster works according to the rules below:

  1. Find everyone who can work at a location.
  2. Rank them by:
    1. Least hours worked first (this was moved above rating after feedback)
    2. Then by rating (for two employees with the same hours worked)
    3. Then selected by random if both hours and rating are the same
  3. Then pick the highest-ranked person who:
    1. Isn't working another shift (or leave) between 12 hours before and 12 hours after the shift
    2. Isn't a weekend shift if they worked a weekend in the previous month
    3. Adding this shift won't increase their hours per week worked over their max hours setting.

When you have a roster with one or more unassigned shifts, click the ... icon (beside the + button). Click Smart Roster.

This will automatically assign employees to your unassigned shifts according to the rules above. The number of shifts that were successfully assigned will be displayed in a message at the bottom of the screen.



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