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As an employee, you can use the MYOB Advanced Team app to submit your timesheets.

If you can't access the timesheet features in the MYOB Advanced Team app, you may need to be given permission to use them - contact your manager.

Viewing timesheets

Tap the Timesheets tile on your dashboard. Any timesheets have already submitted will be displayed, with their current status.

Submitting timesheets

Tap the New timesheet button to create a new timesheet.

Enter all of the required details, then click Next.


A confirmation screen appears.

If everything is correct, click Submit (otherwise click Back to go back and change the details).

Editing and deleting timesheets

The new timesheet appears on the Timesheets screen. You can tap any timesheet to see its details.

Click Edit timesheet to change the details of the timesheet.

Click Delete timesheet to delete the timesheet.



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