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Retrieving historical sales data

To enable historical sales data, go to Management > Settings > Company Settings. Go to the Features section and click User historical sales data to populate the Sales Forecast information? then click Save Changes.

To import Sales Forecast data from historical sales:

  1. Go to the Roster page and click twice on the Month control. This will open the Add Sales Forecast window.
  2. Click on the Retrieve sales from: field and select the date you want on the calendar picker.
  3. Click Import. The historical sales data will populate the current sales forecast fields. You can then click Save.

You can modify and adjust the sales data by entering an Adjustment percentage before clicking the Import button. This modifier percentage is added to 100%, e.g. entering 100 means that 100% is added to 100% for a total of 200%. Remember to click Save once you are happy with the adjustment.



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