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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.12 October 2023

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.12 has some big improvements to clock-in questions for sites who use the mobile app to clock in, employee record audit reporting and more user interface improvements. We've also fixed a bunch of issues, especially with NZ employee onboarding.

What's new?

Improved clock-in questions

So that you can gather more useful information about shifts, and access that information more easily, we've added a number of improvements to clock-in questions, when employees clock in using the mobile app:

  • You can now add clock-in questions with free-text answers, in addition to yes/no.
  • You can choose which clock-in questions employees are required to answer.
  • Questions can be set only for certain clock events – clocking in or out, and break start or end.
  • You can easily access answers to clock-in questions on timesheets from the Manage Time screen.
Employee audit reporting

To improve transparency, you can now see who has made changes to employee records, and when.

The Audit Report now includes an employee option, which lists the dates and users who updated the record. This report is available to users with Administrator permission.

You can also access this information from the employee record, by clicking the light-grey ID number at the bottom right of the screen.

Pay rules renamed 'pay conditions' and leave rules renamed 'leave entitlements'

To more accurately describe these features and clear up some confusing terminology, we are changing the way we refer to these features.

  • 'Pay rules' are now called 'pay conditions'.
  • 'Leave rules' are now called 'leave entitlements'

The individual rules that make up versions of pay conditions are still called 'rules'.

User interface and email notification improvements

We're continuing to make improvements to the MYOB Advanced Workforce Management interface. Each one makes using the software a little bit easier and more efficient.

  • We've added asterisks to required fields across a bunch of screens, to make this more consistent.
  • We've improved the location menu at the top of the screen, so that you can always see the full name of your locations.
  • Roster notification emails now include the location, so employees can easily see where they're working.

What's fixed?


We've fixed a range of onboarding issues affecting New Zealand sites:

  • "esctRate is required" error when saving right-to-work information.
  • IRD number required for employees with a DN tax code.
  • Unable to save changes on the Tax Declaration tab when Automatically Enroll into KiwiSaver or Opt into KiwiSaver are selected.
  • A blank toggle button is displayed when Automatically Enroll into KiwiSaver or Opt into KiwiSaver are selected.
These issues have been resolved.

Unable to send onboarding invites without a value entered into Standard hours, even if Hours per week is selected.

Issue resolved.

Unable to enter zero for the KiwiSaver compulsory employer contribution for employees aged over 65, even though it is not required.

You can now enter zero in this field

Employee updates made through the mobile app to the Personal information and Medical & Emergency contact sections were not being saved. Updates made through the web app were working correctly.

Issue resolved

New Zealand only

NZ-specific fields on employee records are not editable,

Issue resolved

New Zealand only

Changes to the Finance & Payroll tabs on employee records are not saving.

Issue resolved

Restoring employees gives an error.

Issue resolved

Medical and Emergency Contact form cleared after updating Personal Information.

Issue resolved

Provide and Withdraw consent button not updating.

Issue resolved

Some fields in employee profiles are editable before clicking the edit button.

Issue resolved

Fields with missing * (Mandatory Field indicator) in the roster and shift templates forms

Issue resolved

Responses on Yes/No Clock questions not displaying

Issue resolved

Unable to move/re-order clock questions

Issue resolved

Timesheets with clock logs are not displaying

Issue resolved

Australia only

Importing employees sometimes giving a false error for incorrect BSB numbers.

Issue resolved
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