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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.11 September 2023

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.11 includes more login options, an improvement to the termination process, and a new way to change your site theme.

What's new?

Improved employee termination confirmation

To help you avoid processing terminations incorrectly, we've added a confirmation tickbox to the Confirm termination screen, and added the employee's name to the screen.

This gives you one last chance to double-check you've got the right person.

Use your mobile number as your username

In addition to an email address, users can now use a mobile phone number as their MYOB Advanced Workforce Management username.

If you need to reset your password, it will send an SMS to your phone instead of an email.

Apply a theme to your site

To make it easier to keep Advanced Workforce Management consistent with your company's branding while maintaining an accessible, easy-to-use interface, you now select a site theme, with complimentary pairs of primary and secondary colours. Currently you can still choose custom colours from a colourpicker, but we plan to replace this completely in a future update.

Improved success and error messages throughout the system

To help you know what's going on, we've updated a bunch of error and success messages throughout the system to make them more consistent and informative.

What's fixed?

We've fixed a variety of issues and made some minor corrections corrections to the user interface, including the following:


When a user uploads a pdf file to Documents and then downloads the same file, they cannot view it.

Users can now correctly download and view pdf documents they upload.

Unable to save changes to the Receive notifications from all direct reports setting in the Notification Settings tab.

Changes to the field are now correctly saved.



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