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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 8.1 November 2021

The 8.1 release includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

What's new?

Pay rules engine

For customers who use MYOB Advanced and other businesses directly maintaining their own rule sets for payroll, we've continued to develop our pay rules engine.

New items and functions:

  • Added the "and" action to run multiple actions for a rule or set of conditions. This is particularly useful for instances such as calculating the costs associated with a set of conditions. For example, selecting a day of the week (Monday to Friday) and also assigning a category (such as, "Ordinary hours") to the criteria for further action later on.
  • The pay rules engine can now aggregate timesheets together in a single group for costing. For example, grouping timesheets within ordinary hours and overtime hours for payment.
  • Rules to calculate overtime based on ordinary hours. Users can set up rules for hours to be considered as overtime, for example:
    • Outside the range of ordinary hours is overtime.
    • Within the range of ordinary hours, anything greater than 10 hours worked is classed as overtime.
    • Within the range of ordinary hours over a week, anything greater than 38 hours worked is classed as overtime.
  • Rules necessary to calculate overtime based on rostered hours. For example, daily overtime will be paid only if hours worked exceed hours rostered. Employees should be paid time and a half for the first 2 hours over the rostered hours and the rest at double time.

API enhancements

  • User-defined fields and user-defined field settings are now available in the API. This will allow customers using our API to retrieve non-standard data from their instance of Roubler, for example, to keep the training status of the employee (passed/pending/etc). You can find more information at API documentation.

Internal MYOB use only

  • Superusers can now set up global pay rules and pay levels. These can be cloned to the company level and used as a foundation to set up a company's payroll project.

What's fixed?

MYOB Advanced fixes

  • Employee importer for New Zealand now respects Kiwisaver late opt-out reasons.
  • Fixed the display of award/agreements field in the invite.

Other fixes

  • Performance improvements including faster roster and timesheet loading time.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling of long tables; for example, the list of employees.
  • The search box in settings is now automatically focused when you start typing.
  • Fixed the issue when direct managers sometimes saw old employees' leave requests.
  • Fixed a bug where invite emails from the Hire feature sometimes failed.
  • The Manager and Manager with Finance roles can now add leave requests directly from the employee profile page.
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