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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 7.7 August 2021

What's New?

  • When entering super fund data for an employee, the system will automatically look up matching options. This helps improve the quality of data and reduces the chance of user error.

  • New tax declaration fields are available when adding or updating employees.

  • New fields have been added to the How do I update multiple employees' details in bulk?, making it easier to perform mass updates on your data:

    • Pay Level

    • Leave rule

    • Primary pay type

    • Employment type

    • Pay rate

    • Pay basis

    • Pay hours / week

    • Pay hours / day

    • Pay days / week

    • Agreement

  • Leave requests and balances now support "Day" and "Week" units.

  • An additional consent screen has been added to the employee onboarding process to assist with AU data privacy.

  • We've added a new pay condition for "within rostered hours".

  • Editing an employee's standard hours on a shift will no longer delete the employee's other shifts

  • The Un-assign all shifts function now removes costing.

  • The Manage Time screen no longer shows invalid times when start and end times have been edited on the timesheet.

  • Disabling notifications for your company now stops new notifications from appearing in the notification list.

  • Non-payrolled employees now have permission to view their own profiles.

  • Notes and work types now remain associated with a shift when the standard hours have been changed through the Roster.



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