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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 24.6 June 2024

This month’s release improves the performance of audit reports, and made improvements to auto-approvals and permission group creation to smooth those processes out. We’ve also fixed a range of issues covering onboarding, automatic break creation and more.

What's new?

Audit report perfomance improved

We’ve made some changes in the background to make audit reports load quicker.

Improved auto-approval logic

We’ve improved timesheet auto-approval, so that timesheets with blocking alerts will no longer be auto-approved inside the grace period. Instead they will be set to the “Complete” status so you can resolve the alerts and manually approve the timesheets.

New warning when creating a permission group

We’ve added a warning when you try to create a permissions group without the “View own profile” role, as this role is required for a user to able to log in at all.

What's fixed?



The minimum leave balance error not showing when recurring leave is entered.

The error is now showing correctly.

A typo mentioned “Roubler” instead of “MYOB” on the onboarding invitation email.

Typo fixed.

Incorrectly getting a “Pay hours per week” error when adding an employee with a per annum pay basis and a shift pattern or standard hours.

Error no longer generated.

Resending onboarding invitations to new email addresses not working.

Resending now works correctly.

When sending a template document to a location or position group, the document will not be sent if the group is expanded.

Sending template documents now works correctly when the group is expanded.

Unable to select options in multi-select fields when filtering by text.

This now works correctly.

When using auto breaks, the “Pay from schedule” function was not copying breaks from shifts (the timesheets were generated with auto-breaks instead).

“Pay from schedule” will now generate timesheets with breaks from the shifts.

When bulk-updating timesheets to add multiple work types, they do not display in the review panel.

All work types now show.

Variance, Cost Centres, and Leave Type filters not displaying in current filters section on timesheets.

These now show correctly.

Updating the duration of a shift does not apply the change to other shifts in the sequence.

Duration changes to a shift that is part of a sequence will now be applied to all shifts in the sequence.

Timesheet, leave and expense audit logs are not displaying any audit information.

Audit logs are fixed and are now showing the expected information.

When successfully deleting an expense type, both the success and failure messages are displayed.

Now only the success message will show.

Incorrect “Failed to accept invitation” error when creating system users in some situations.


Mobile app Pin icon still showing on messages after their pin time expires.

Pin icon will now disappear.

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