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Leave and availability

As a full time/part-time employee, you can use the MYOB Advanced Team app to apply for leave (Annual Leave, Personal Leave, Time in Lieu etc.)

As a casual employee, you can apply for an Unavailability.

Depending on your company's setup, casual employees may have the option to apply for leave as well.

Applying for leave or unavailability

Tap the Leave & availability tile on the dashboard

Your Upcoming and Historical leave is displayed on the tabs on on this page.

To make a new leave request, tap the New Request button. The New request popup appears.

Fill in all required details:

  • Select a date from the calendar. If you're applying for multiple days, select a start date and end date.
  • Select a Leave type. For casual employees, "Unavailability" is selected by default.
  • If you're applying for a half-day, toggle off the All-day button, then select an option:
    • First Half - this option will apply the first half of your shift pattern
    • Second Half - this option will apply the second half of your shift pattern
    • Custom Times - you can select your desired start time and end time
  • Select a recurring option if you're applying for a recurring leave. Choose from:
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
  • Enter any Notes.
  • Attach a supporting document if necessary:
    • Attach a photo by tapping the camera icon - it will ask you to take a photo.
    • Attach a document by tapping the Add document button.

Once you've filled out all required details, tap the Next button. The Request Overview popup will appear, allowing you to review the details you entered.

If you need to change anything, tap Modify Request - this will bring you back to the New Request popup where you can modify the details.

If everything is fine, tap Submit Request.

You new request appears on the Leave page. You can tap on a request to edit or cancel it.



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