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How do I add leave for an employee in a different time zone?

This article is a guide for managers who need to enter leave requests on employees' behalf into the system, for employees of differing time zones.

For example, if you as a manager are in a Brisbane Head Office, but the employee you are trying to add a leave for is in Perth (a different time zone), you would need to change location to the sublocation that is the employee's scheduled location to add the leave in order to capture the right time/hours for the leave.

Adding leave in the same time zone

If you are in Brisbane and you need to add a leave for an employee is in the Perth location, you would need to change your location to Perth.

To do that, click the location dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page and select the Perth location. After selecting the Perth location, go to the Manage Leave page and add the leave as usual.

The time 7:00 AM TO 4:00 PM would be saved as it is, because you added it in the same time zone.

Adding leave in a different time zone

If you enter the leave in a different time zone, the leave timings are saved as the time zone of the location YOU were in.

If you add a leave for an employee in Perth while you're in a Brisbane location, the time 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM would be changed to the Brisbane timezone, which is 9:00 AM TO 6:00 PM.



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