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Fixing timesheet sync errors

When there's a problem importing timesheets from Advanced Workforce Management into Advanced Payroll you can get a timesheet sync error. They show in Advanced Payroll as an error from MPPP7060.

If you have one of the listed errors, follow this guide to resolve it yourself. If you have any trouble, or your error isn't listed, contact your How do I get technical support?.

Timesheet sync errors

Sync errors are usually encountered and resolved during the setup of integration. If you're not sure what to do, don't hesitate to contact your How do I get technical support?.

Error Retrieving pending batches from external provider. Response status code does not indicate success; (503) service unavailable.

This error means there is a problem with the service requests.

To get this fixed, contact your How do I get technical support? and give them error reference CE00020134.

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