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Available shifts and roster

With the MYOB Advanced Team mobile app, you can view and take available shifts and view rosters in week and month view. You can view all rosters for a location if it is enabled in your company settings.

The availability of these feature depends on your company's settings.

Available shifts

To view your available shifts tap the Available shifts tile on the dashboard. 

You are redirected to the Available Shifts screen, where you are presented with the shifts you can take. You can filter the available shifts using the location filter found on the upper right.

To take a shift, tap on the tile to expand it, then tap Accept shift swap. Ensure that you are able to cover the shift, then tap Confirm. The shift will be assigned to you.


To view your rostered shifts, tap the Roster tile on the dashboard.

You are redirected to the Roster screen. Select the Week or Month tab to choose how to view your shifts.

In Week view, you can navigate between weeks using the arrows.

You can make your shifts available for someone else to take. Expand the shift tile, click Make available for swapping, then confirm.

This shift will be your responsibility until another staff member takes it.

In Month view, you can view your shift for each date. You can make your shifts available from this tab in the same way as you can on the Week tab..

You can view all shifts for a location if your company has enabled this. Tap on the filter at the upper right then select a location. All the shifts for that location will be displayed.



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