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User management

If you need to change the Licenses in your system for you’ll need to change the user settings. It’s really important this is done because if you do not update the licenses you may end up with “overallocated licenses” this will cause every user of the system to be unable to perform any tasks in the system.

Adding a new user

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Navigate to the Users screen (SM201010)

  3. In the Login box of the Summary area, type the persons Name

  4. Clear the Generate Password check box. This makes the password now an editable field, type the new password -we recommend something easy like Welcome123

  5. Ensure you complete the users first name, last name and email address

  6. You can tick any of the password options however it is highly recommended that you tick “Force user to Change Password on Next Login”

  7. You can also add additional information in the comments section

  8. Click Save

    9. You will now need to assign this user an available license type

    10. Select the unmarked checkbox on the desired license for this user. Please ensure that there is available licenses other wise this will not save correctly

    11. On the Roles tab you will also need to select the specific role you would like the user to have and save. 

Different roles and license types will give the user different access to certain screens, modules and branches. 

Removing a user

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Navigate to the Users screen (SM201010)

  3. Using the magnifying glass in the login box you can search for the specific user you would like to remove, double click on the login name for the user

  4. On the License Types tab, clear the unlabeled checkbox next to the License this user has assigned to them and click save

  5. You’ll notice the License status should now say “Unlicensed” if it doesn’t you’ll need to check through the licenses again to make sure there are none that are still ticked

  6. Click Disable user

  7. This needs to be done for every tenant, on the top right hand of the screen switch to another tenant and repeat the process for this user.

    You must do this in every tenant otherwise you will end up with overallocated licenses and this will prevent all staff from accessing the system 

I think I have over allocated licences how do I know and fix?

Overallocated licences will mean that you cannot access any screens within the system, this is likely to happen if you have recently completed a downgrade and you are have not removed the additional user from the system in time or you have removed the old user but not in every tenant. When completing these steps please ensure you are checking every tenant.

Finding out what Licence is over allocated
  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. Navigate to the Licence Maintenance Screen (SM201510) this will show you a list of all licenses, the limit your site has, how many are being used and how many are available. If any of the Licences are in red as shown below this is the license that is causing the problem.
  3. Check who is using the licence that is over allocated
  4. Follow the steps above for removing a user to bring the licenses back to normal

Check who is assigned licences
  1. Log into the Advanced as the Administrator

  2. Navigate to the Licence Usage screen (MYSM6000)

  3. Select Run Report from the toolbar

This report will show you a detailed list of what licenses are being used and who is using them

Incorrect Password, User Locked out, Resetting someone’s password

Forgot Password
  1. If your password is incorrect and you’re unable to access MYOB Advanced you will need to select the “Forgot your credentials” Option. This is found on the main log in screen 
  2. On the next screen you will need to enter in the user name - if you’re unsure of your username that's ok, select the “Forgot your username” option and enter in your email address.
  3. Follow the prompts to reset your password. 

Locked out

Its ok if your system has locked because you have entered your password incorrectly too many times. You’re account will unlock in about 30mins - This is set up as a company wide system lock out for all sites and MYOB is unable to force 

Resetting users password

If your colleague is unable to log in and you’d like to reset their password or if the user cannot access all tenants the have been added to then you can change their password for them.

  1. Navigate to the Users screen (SM201010)

  2. Use the magnifying glass to find the user in question

  3. Tick “Force user to Change Password on Next Login” box

  4. Select the reset password button in the top toolbar

  5. Enter the new password twice and click “OK”

Existing user doesn’t have access to all tenants?

If you have set the user us with the exact same license type, roles, username and email in all of the tenants you would like them to have access to and they still can’t see all of the tenants it is more than likely they have a different password. This commonly happens when they user is added to a new tenant at a later date. You must reset the users password in all tenants so they are exactly the same. 

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