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Restrict selling on account for cash sales customers so they can't carry a balance

If you have customers that mainly deals with you through Cash Sales, but also have other customers who buy products or services from you on account, it can be difficult to differentiate. This knowledge base article will show you a workaround on how to restrict selling on account for cash sales customers by controlling the credit limit of them.

Build 2021.117.400.6951 [21.117.0037] onward.

  1. On the Customers screen, select customer CASHCUST. In the Financial tab, set the Credit Verification rule to either Credit Limit or Credit Limit and Days Past Due. Then set the Credit Limit to 0.01 cent:
  2. In the Accounts Receivable Preferences screen, tick Hold Documents on Failed Credit Check:
  3. If you enter a Sales Order or AR Invoice for this customer and the Invoice total or order total is higher than 0.01 cent, the document will be immediately placed on Credit Hold, stopping you from releasing the invoice – (of course you can Remove Credit Hold to continue processing, but because this is a Cash Sales customer, we don’t want to release the invoice because we don’t want this customer to have a balance – you can configure access rights so that Sales Order processors or normal staff can’t Remove Credit Hold):
  4. If you process a Cash Sales through the Cash Sales screen (AR304000) or use an Order Type that is Cash Sales, you can process the documents as normal:
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