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Paying an employee with cash (AU and NZ)

On the odd occasion, you might need to pay a new employee with cash without including in the batch payment that is created when you process the pay run.

  1. Set the CASH payment method to Use in Payroll.

    1. Add a line under the Allowed cash accounts and select the cash account available

    2. Tick Use in Payroll on the cash account line.

    3. On Settings for use in payroll, select an export scenario. This can be anything as you won't be exporting this employee's pay.

  2. Save your changes.

  3. In Employee Pay Details, select the payment method as Cash. The cash account will be the only one available.
    If there is no account available, go back to the payment method and make sure you have ticked Use in payroll on the Allowed cash account line.

Now when you process the pay run, the employee won't be included in the payment batch.

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