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New company GL accounts list

This page is for MYOB Advanced consultants

Check all changes in a test environment before taking them live. Make sure all related features still work as expected and that your data is unaffected.

This article is to run through the GL accounts which are used in the AU/NZ template database, where these accounts have been set up, and a description of the use of these GL accounts in their current form.
It's meant as a guide to help find and repurpose these GL accounts. We recommend you don't delete these accounts as it is likely to cause database issues. Instead of deleting them, change their ID - one of the useful features within MYOB Advanced Business.

The table below reflects a snapshot of the default GL accounts.

AccountAccount ClassDescriptionScreen ID
12ARAccount ReceivableAR201000
13WAREHOUSEInventoryIN206000, IN204000
15APAccounts PayableAP201000, AP303000
16OTHCURLIABPO AccrualIN206000, CS211000, IN204000
17WIPWork In-ProgressIN101000
18WAREHOUSEStandard Cost VarianceIN206000, IN204000
19FIXEDASSETFA AccrualFA101000
22TAXESPAYGST CollectedTX205000, AP303000
23TAXESPAYGST Output Tax Adjustments
24TAXESPAYGST PaidTX205000, AP303000
25TAXESPAYGST Input Tax Adjustments
38RETEARNRetained EarningsGL102000
39NETINCOMEYTD Net IncomeGL102000
40SALESSalesIN206000, CS211000, IN204000, CS207500, EP202000, AR201000
42SALESCash DiscountSO201000, EP202000, AR201000, AP201000, AP303000
50COGSCost of Goods SoldIN206000, CS211000, IN204000, PM201000, EP202000, AP201000
51COGSStandard Cost RevaluationIN206000, IN204000
52COGSPurchase Price VarianceIN206000, IN204000
61EXOTHERRounding Gain/LossGL102000, CM101000
62EXOTHERRounding Gain/LossCM101000
63EXOTHERFreightSO201000, PO101000, CS207500
64OTHCURLIABLanded Cost AccrualPO202000
65COGSLanded Cost VarianceIN206000, IN204000
66EXOTHERUnrealised Gain/Loss
67EXOTHERRevaluation Gain/Loss
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