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MYOB Advanced Backup Policy

This page is for MYOB Advanced consultants

Check all changes in a test environment before taking them live. Make sure all related features still work as expected and that your data is unaffected.

MYOB backup policy

  • Daily Backups retained for 4 weeks
  • Weekly Backups retained for 4 weeks
  • Monthly Backups retained for 13 Months
  • Yearly Backups retained for 7 years

MYOB Advanced backups

MYOB Advanced complies with and exceeds the MYOB backup policy

  1. Automated full daily snapshot of a database server data, retained for 14 days
    Stored encrypted in AWS S3 and enables point in time recovery at any time during last 14 days
  2. Automated daily individual database backup, retained for 13 months
    Database export, zipped and encrypted stored in AWS S3 and Glacier
  3. Yearly backup retained for 7 years in AWS Glacier
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